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to good health. the upper right one is the alameda park station. they could not aid the private agencies. alameda had its own electrical system. these are various projects. los angeles storm drain system. they raised the dam. your water is a product of pw a. they built the sacramento water reservoir. the fans were so well built that in fact, they are still in use. the engineers said we have to replace a ball bearing. we of course, have neglected our infrainstruct our and it's rated to be a d and dropping. so if you don't pay your taxes, things do fall down. much of it is things that were built during the new deal. fortunately, they built them very well. so the stuff was really built to last. but, if you don't have taxes to run a state. i expect we will see more of that stuff. i will give you a brief tour that we take for granted. the commitment to public education in all its manifestations. public schools from kindergarten to higher education. there are thousand of new deal schools built within less than ten years. many have art work in or on them. this is berkeley high school. you shall
the tenants evacuated from a burning apartment in the east bay. tara moriarty is in alameda this morning where an investigation into the fire is now under way. >> reporter: investigators don't know if this fire broke out on the inside or outside of the home. if you take a look behind me you can see where most of the damage is there and the flames broke out on the backside of the house. the emergency call came in around 1:00 this morning. 15 people were forced out of the four plex and took more than two dozen firefighters an hour to squelch the flames. when firefighters arrived they told them someone was still inside the building. >> when we came in the captain was carrying that person out of the building. when we ran in there was additional people coming out and said there might be other people trapped. >> reporter: firefighters were able to keep the damage contained to the one house. residents will not be allowed back inside. red cross is on scene. live in alameda i'm tara moriarty. >>> a dispute near golden gate park sent one man to the hospital last night. that happened just before 11:00 p.
is in alameda where the red cross is on the scene to help those victims. tara. >> reporter: as soon as firefighters arrived here this morning, people who live in the blue victorian you see behind me here say a quadriplegic was trapped inside. they got him out safely. the flames broke out around 1:00 this morning. 15 people were forced out of the four plex. it took more than two dozen firefighters more than an hour to squelch the flames. firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the one house. >> there is a lot of damage back there. the challenge there is the fire you know in these types of buildings will travel up inside the walls. we had fire in the attic already even though there was fire on the floor below. >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt. there is quite a damage to the home. red cross is on the scene and will help them find a temporary place to stay. no cause to what sparked the fire. coming up we'll tell you whereases dents had to say. live in alameda i'm tara moriarty. >>> your time now 5:03 new this morning more home burglaries in palo alto and residents are b
yard of a home in the 5800 block of the alameda when shots rang out. one struck her in the chest. according to witnesses, the shots came from down the street in the 5700 block of he alameda. police are calling this a senseless death. they and larelle's family are asking for the public's help to track down whoever did this. >> unacceptable. we're not going to rest until this is completed and we have whoever it is or the bodies that's involved. i want them to come forward. if somebody heard something or knew something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> if you have any information, you can contact metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police need some help in identifying a driver they said a female. this was north of the hickory bypass and just before 8:00 p.m. the victim was waving her arms when the driver swerved to avoid her. the victim was taken to shock trauma. anyone with information should contact the maryland state police. >> some residents got quite a scare after a suspicious chemical smell forced them to evacuate their homes. fire
fled to alameda and sailed away in a stolen yacht. >> early this morning a boater spotted maffei off the coast. terry mcsweeney with the latest. >> reporter: the latest is the coast guard aircraft has spotted unleashed this is the boat that was apparently stolen by mr. maffei. hate been spotted 50 miles off the coast of california somewhere off the shore of monterey and santa cruz. the coast guard had dispatch vessels to that boat, hopefully to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. after 36 hours this is the second sighting of the boat today. this is the man who police have been looking for since tuesday. about 4:00 this morning, 50 miles off the point in san mateo county, another boater spotted-)0ez him. >> having heard the description on his radio he approach the vessel and made contact with the subject on the vessel. he had a short conversation and then he left the vessel and contacted the coast guard. >> reporter: the sergeant says the boater was shown a picture of the suspect and id'd him as the man he spoken to. the boater says maffei was not alone. >> he did see a small child.
shopping center. >>> scrap metal thieves are targeting car lots and auto shops in alameda, and they are looking for something specific. tonight alan wang looks into this string of thefts. >> reporter: this is what it sounds like after realizing your converter was stolen. this is what they are stealing. alex duemont says he has hit four times in the past three months and each one cost between $500 and $1500. >> they are available because of the precious metal inside. i think it is platinum. >> reporter: island auto sales and tony's motor care across the street have been repeated victims. duemont decided to stake out his own car lot. >> i know that officers were out there four times yesterday. >> he would like to see them patrolling in the early morning hours when the crimes are happening. he says he pays between $20,000 and $30,000 in sales tax each month. >> it goes to the county and the city. we are not getting much for it. >> we address all crimes in alameda. it is not just sales taxes or who is paying more. it is all crime in alameda that is looked into. >> it is illega
at an overnight apartment fire in alameda. it started at about 1:00 this morning. the two story four unit building on pacific avenue you can see on fire. firefighters still at the scene this morning to make sure there are no flairups. when crews first arrived they saw the flames shooting from the roof of that apartment building and it took firefighters just about a half an hour to bring that fire under control but one firefighter had to race into the building to rescue a person in a wheelchair. >> captain was carrying that person out of the building and as we went in, there was additional people coming out and telling us that additional people might be trapped. >> no one was injured in that fire but also 15 tenants were burned out of their homes. red cross helped them find shelter for the night. in the next half hour we will go to the scene for a live report. >>> new this morning burglaries are up in palo alto and police say homeowners are making themselves easy targets. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco has more on what people are still not doing to keep themselves safe. >> reporter: very s
all the way to this alameda marina right here, and here he stole a yacht and sailed away with the two kids on board. their names, devon and brooklyn mayfee. their father took them away from their mother tuesday afternoon around 3:00 in their south san francisco home. he somehow came to the marina here and got on a 40-foot yacht named "unleashed." he has said in the past that he would like to sail to the monterey bay and mexico. so police have alerted authorities in the 2 areas to look out for the suspects and the stolen yacht. police say they are very concerned for the safety of those two kids. >>> we're expecting that fog to roll in in the overnight hours, tomorrow morning, we're going to wake up to that coastal fog. warmer and then further warming into your work week. futurecast, showing that temperatures are going to be in the 50s, and by nine time, a mixed bag of 50s along the coast. afternoon highs, 80s for the warmer spots. 70s for the bay, and 60s for the coast. in the south bay, mid-80s, 87 degrees through liver more valley. 86 in antioch. 80 degrees expected for martinez tomo
. from alameda. lassie yesterday near vallejo >>> the suspicion he was trying to leave the country we have heard thailand or mexico is just speculation at this point. right now not enough information for the coast guard to launch a search if you see the bogus the unleashed call 9 1 1. >>> his campaign 2012 and president but obama and vice- president joe biden will accept their nominations tonight. randall pinkston in charlotte north carolina with more on the final night of the democratic national convention. >>> we will hear from joe biden this week to take care of that tonight the president obama will talk about taxes we've seen an excerpt he said voters face a clear choice for a fundamentally different vision where america should go. final day of the democratic convention packed with star power. ♪ >>> they gear up for president obama's to except his nomination >>> he will not get at the ball park >>> the president has a lot to show for his first term as and the show that to voters >>> he must give a complete list of his accomplishments it is an extremely long list >>> president ob
, cypress mandella, alameda county, citybuiod, sf county, apoi, san mateo county, proge==ject build. we would like to thank you for your outstanding after fort, and city staff that worked in labor apresent itions on both of the training classes. >> t*fs a pleasure for me to do that, there were some great folk that is came out. i think you know one. success stories happening on one of the (inaudible). i knew from the very fist day that young man came into that program that he would make someone a perfect employee, and he d. it's been profound for me to work with the member members of jtop. i've maerd of you, i've heard your names many times. though, i'm not try to rush you away, i can't recall the entire lines of the poem by langston hughes. in reference to retirement, life is short, aoeltd desert first. [giggles]. mass [applause] >> good evening commissioners : art shanks, hhere with donna milelr, any assist and,thank you on behalf of the board. i think a vision was created. without vision, there can be no success. when we talk about reducing crime, stakeholder egg people from the
>> 15 people world and up to flames in alameda. and 15 people-a-whoa, u woke up to flas i off we could see clear conditions but everybody is wondering about the afternoon highs. here is a preview. 66 degrees in san francisco. check out livermore. 90's! and 70's expected in fremont. along with those afternoon highs what is on tap for tomorrow coming up with my next report. >> good morning, erica we are looking some slow f conditions. the bay bridge but still light and easy. since 5:00 a.m., highway no. 4 is also starting to get slow to antioch. still like wood problem-free through the peninsula. >> thank you, george. the u.s. ambassador to libya ihas been killed. this creek contractor identified his body this morning. this happened world there were rushing to leave the consulate. as it was stormed by militants. he opened gunfire. and president obama and libyan officials are condemning thattack. and extra security is ordered for agents overseas. this happened as hundreds are scaling the walls of the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing down the american flag and replacing it. these attack
car lots and auto shops in alameda, and they are looking for something specific. tonight alan wang looks into this string of thefts. >> reporter: this is what it sounds like after realizing your converter was stolen. this is what they are stealing. alex duemont says he has hit four times in the past three months and each one cost between $500 and $1500. >> they are available because of the precious metal inside. i think it is platinum. >> reporter: island auto sales and tony's motor care across the street have been repeated victims. duemont decided to stake out his own car l >> >> i know that officers were out there four times yesterday. >> he would like to see them patrolling in the early morning hours when the crimes are happening. he says he pays between $20,000 and $30,000 in sales tax each month. >> it goes to the county and the city. we are not getting much for it. >> we address all crimes in alameda. alameda. it is not just sales taxes or who is paying more. it is all crime in alameda that is looked into. >> it is illegal to buy or sell a used converter in california which i
was killed. more on stevens' death at 6:30. >>> developing news from the city of alameda, firefighters put out a fire in a duplex crews say there were chevy flames from the rear of the build -- [ inaudible ] . [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: you have to hand it to apple they know how to launch a product so much speculation. everybody is excited about this announcement that is going to be coming here at yerba buena gardens, 10:00 this morning. we know a few things that aren't going to be in the phone. take a look at pictures if you click on the maps' icon in the new software, no google maps. instead apple's own 3-d voice-guided navigation software will be there that is because apple and google aren't getting along. >> there's enough friction that apple felt like hit to map the entire world so it wouldn't be dependent on one of their biggest competitors. >> reporter: youtube app also disappearing youtube owned by google samsung not best friends with apple involved in a second patent lawsuit won't be using samsung memory chips. there seems to be consensus, slightly thinner, larger screen, two
concord. 90 in antioch and 88 in alameda. 80 in san jose right about where they should be this time of year. couper tinno, a little warmer. 70s on the peninsula and 60s in the coast and san francisco. with your weekend always in view there. warmer saturday and warm to hot sunday and monday, especially inland all right. thank you, steve. >>> a coffee give away, where you can go with an extra pick me up. >> another football team vegged for vegged -- investigating for running a bounty program, but the players are only 10 years old. >> the extreme measures firefighters had to take to rescue that dog in sonoma county. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a
san francisco alameda and insurance company skandia open waters looking for them according to the children's mother he has limited experience in sailing. >>> i want the coast guard and navy and when you as a bold look for my children. bring them back to me. >>> i'm afraid for my children's lives >>> three days since she has seen her children three year-old brooklyn and to erode devon according to coast guard there with their father on a stolen boat. >>> he has a sailboat and somewhere out in the ocean i'm not sure where he sat. >>> jennifer says christopher kidnapped them from her home she is covered in bruises trying to stop them from taking the kids >>> i lost my balance and felt myself all he would of ran over me >>> police say there is nothing they could do to help >>> he had parental rights and they consider this parental abduction so no amber alert announce to the media >>> a sit in club in alameda abode was missing a 40 ft. sailboat called the " unleased " someone inside sellout without lights on. it was seen near vallejo. leased under a fake name >>> the e-mail addr
lower than power lines. and all of the lanes were open shortly after 11:00. >> there is former alameda county supervisor nada lockyear back in rehab. police say they found her under the under the influence of meth at a relative's house, she faces child endangerment charges for leaving drug pair kneel dwra in a room she was sharing with her 9-year-old son. her lawyer says she recognizes the error and reentered a drug program. and she is the estranged wife of bill lockyer. >> to politics. president barack obama is taking center stage in the final end of the democratic national convention to accept the party nomination for a second term. mark matthews is live from charlotte north carolina with more on mark, the culmination of the event in a very big night. >> this will be a big night for the president. a lot riding on it. we expect him to say that in november, jortz will face not just a choice between two candidates but two different paths for america. the goal? convince vote qlorz have not been happy the direction of the country. four years ago the president offered america hope and chan
at a quarter million dollars. >>> alameda police are looking for a man who has been stealing cellphones at gun point. the latest attack happened on physical at the south shore center. a -- tuesday at the south shore center. a man pointed the weapon at two 14-year-old girls and demanded their phones. police believe the same suspect on behind two other robberies. >>> san francisco officials say a judge has upheld a law set to go into effect next month alcohol extend the city's ban on the use of pc ba or noncompostable plastic bags they provide to customers. it will prevent pharmacies from providing the single-use plastic bag. it extends to restaurants in october of 2013. >>> it may be hard to swallow, but it is official. the so-called cola crackdown in new york city, which bans big sugary soft drink, is all set. new york's board of health passed a measure that prevents food service establishments from selling the sugar-heavy drinks. the ban has tos share of opponent -- has its share of opponents. they say it's not sugar they drav but the choice to con -- craves but the choice to consume it. >>>
with the sailboat stolen from alameda. crews found the yacht several miles southwest of monterey elizabeth cook has the latest on the recovery and reaction of the children's grandmother. >>> the call a family had been waiting for brooklyn and devon found safe after spending four nights on the stolen sailboat in the ocean with their father we spoke to the grandmother moments after she heard the news. >>> i'm speechless and so happy that's what i've been dreaming of the whole wheat that i would see my grandchildren and their safe back in grandmas' arms. i will spoil the now. >>> you can see still covered in bruises she tried to stop him from taking the children from her home tuesday, he came in through the back door and grabbed them when she was at the courthouse trying to get a restraining order. police say he stole a 40 ft. sailboat from alameda rina he was spotted by commercial fishermen this morning we have cbs 5 video of fbi agents boarding the boat tonight authorities for able to get on the stolen boat by coaxing him with fresh water and a radio there were able to bring the children to safety
. the next day his vehicle turned up in alameda, where a boat unleashed had been stolen. maffei visited that boat saying he intended to buy it he spoke of taking a trip to monterey or next a boater spotted the boat wednesday law enforcement couldn't spot it. all of this far from a worried mother. >> i'm afraid if they back him into a corner i don't want him to snap and do something stupid more than he has already done. i am worried for my kids. >> reporter: the mother told me she told maffei monday to stay away from the children until he got his act together, found a job and police to live. she says she was in the process of getting a restraining or this morning it appears that is the least of his concerns. the latest information, the coast guard has dispatched a boat to go into the craft, mr. maffei is on apparently with his two children they seemed safe and healthy this morning. questions remain, the kidnapping took place in m county, the boat was stolen -- in san mateo county the boat was stolen in alameda -- >> i'm sorry we lost terry's signal. reporting about the man who has taken
be unveiling the iphone 5, will tell you what to expect some enough. >>darya: live pictures out of alameda, 15 people were woken up by a fire in their apartment complex. >>erica: we are seeing a lot of cloud cover over mt. tam this morning. it looks like dense fog specifically around the clothesline. into the afternoon, the cloud cover will voronoff revealing sunshine. in books like we will keep clear conditions as we head into the evening hours. oakland in the livermore could climb to 90 degrees this afternoon. >>george: clear of looking at a critique good ride in the bay area. moderate traffic in the east bay. it is still a light ride for the peninsula and the north bay >>james: an attack in libya until the the u.s. ambassador. chris stevens was killed in this attack. if he grew up in the bay area. secretary of state helleri clinton spoke about the attack this morning. she is actually speaking right now. >> this question reflects just how complicated and at times how confounding the world's to be. if we must be clear i'd even in our grief. this was an attack by a small and savage group.
morning in the bay area and internationally. breaking news from alameda, firefighters had to perform a rescue in a fire that left more than a dozen homeless i am amy hollyfield is live at scene in the 2000 block of pacific avenue. >> reporter: the building is gorgeous one of these older buildings alameda is known for. they saved it, all damage is in the back. firefighters think the fire started outside and traveled up and then up over the roof. there are four units in this building, all are damaged. 15 people living inside all to have to find a new place to stay. the red cross is here trying to help. everyone got out okay. firefighters did have reports that a man was trapped inside they did rush in. they found a man paralyzed, i spoke with his son. he said his father suffered a gunshot wound before the boy was born, several years but he's paralyzed and wasn't able to get out. firefighters were able to rescue him. they got the call 1:00 this morning. it took an hour,. they don't know why it started. haven't said whether they think this is suspicious. but have located the point of wher
in south san francisco on tuesday and set sail from a harbor in alameda. on friday, the coast guard and fbi began to track the 40-foot sailboat. last night, the children were rescued south of monterrey bay. they were examined by paramedics and reunited with their mother. tonight, jennifer rypien wrote i'm thankful to the south san francisco and alameda police departments. the united states coast guard, fbi and the immediate wra for all of their hard work and diligence. here's to happy endings. she says both children are doing well. so decision 2012 now. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan visited the bay area today. not to campaign but to raise money and reach out to younger voters through silicone valley. former san francisco 49er brent jones and his wife hosted a breakfast at their home. tickets to the private event started at $1,000 an ryan can be seen on the terrace greeting guests and the took time to meet supporters outside of the home, as well. >> atmosphere was great. people were comfortable with congressman ryan and i think they enjoyed listening to what he had to say
to a harbor in alameda where he stole a 40-foot boat and sailed away. >> i think it is revenge just because he was so angry at me. and i think he was at his turning point. you know, people do desperate things at desperate times. but i didn't think he would take it this far. >> reporter: this morning after a bulletin went out about the stolen boat a special fisherman spotted it. >> he did confirm that the person he saw on the boat was christopher and he did see a small child on the vessel. >> reporter: a coast guard plane tracked the boat and the coast guard took another boat to rescue the children. >> there is no describing the hell i've been through right now. it's surreal. i see it on the news and they're talking about my babies. >> reporter: the latest update is that that sailboat believed to be carrying the children is headed toward shore but is aways away and according to our source it could take hours to resolve. kimberly tere. >>> a body has been found. let's show you the map. it's 27 miles south of morgan hill between gilroy and watsonville. the sheriff's department has been called to
are falling out of the east bay. a 20 year-old man died after shooting an alameda county. authorities say they do not have any description on the suspect in >> crews are now leaving the scene of a pulls our best-- pool service. even though they saw steam or smoke they did not find any hazards at the company. >>darya: here is a look at the dumbarton bridge. the worked all weekend. hi yoli. >>yoli: it seems like traffic is moving smoothly. -- a lot was done on the bridge care. they replace the seismic joyless. -- joints. they also lifted the bridge a little bit. they are going to continue to put in shock absorbers. commuters are not going to see anything different when they are on the bridge pin. the big deal is that the h. o. v. lane is now a fast- track link par-- lane. >>mark: first lady michelle obama is speaking this evening at the democratic national convention. steve will play a big role at the convention this week. party leader say that she is a strong second to rally the voters. our approval rating as much higher than the president. >> castro will be the first person that is a la
. >>> alameda county firefighter is recovering from a nasty cut to his leg after an early morning fire at a downtown taco ria. they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the rear of the restaurant. the injured firefighter was cutting a hole in the roof to get rid of some of the folk when he cut his leg with a circular saw. firefighters say it was a difficult fire. >> this type of building has a basically fake facade that goes around the outside of it. plus get into the back room it was kind of difficult with heavy smoke within the restaurant itself. >> the restaurant owner told us he had no idea how the fire started while the back storage area was destroyed, there was not as much damage to dining area of the restaurant. the owner has insurance and is optimistic he will be able to open in a couple months. >>> presidential candidate mitt romney is doing damage control after the liberal san francisco magazine mother jones posted a secretly recorded video from a romney fundraiser. in one comment he described supporters of president obama as victims. >> 47% that are with him that believe
situations. >> two alameda county deputies know the answer to that question. they came through in a big way. that leads us to garvin thomas with our bay area proud series. >> tonight's story is not just about heroism, it's about team work. tony whittle and sandra williams were at one time partners, but it had been a decade since they worked together until one morning in april, williams picked up an overtime shift and was paired with whittle. it was like no time had passed and they worked together flawlessly. good thing, because it turns out lives depended on it. >>> some unnerving moments in the east bay today. >> it was the first story after the first break. a bus carrying inmates catching fire on i-580 closing the road and backing up traffic. it took all of 20 seconds to tell the viewer about it. >> it's still unclear what sparked that blaze. >> for those who were on the bus, the memories of the fire and what followed will last a lifetime. >> i'm glad you're okay. >> thanks to alameda county deputies whittle and williams, those on the bus still have a lifetime. the day was april 6th, a fr
block of the alameda. >> i heard the gunshots go off and i went on the front lawn, and that is when i found my girlfriend laying there. >> the shots, according to witnesses, came from just down the street in the 5700 block of the alameda. >> senseless murder, senseless death, and the productive young at someone's the worst that you can imagine happened to her. we are definitely looking for the public's help. >> she weeks for her daughter, calling her a super and wonderful person. she worked for suntrust banks. the family hopes someone will come forward to help police find the shooter. >> it is unacceptable. we are not going to rest until it is completed, and who averages involved, i want them -- whoever it is, i want them to come forward. if somebody knows something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> they did not hide themselves when they pull the trigger. let the police know what you did, and just confess that i pull the trigger and it hit the wrong person. family is thanking baltimore city police for working so hard on the play it on the case. police said that hav
alameda donde enfrenta cargos de conducta lasciva con una nina menor de catorce anos... . cu - bump out ---tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero mas adelante... take vo jaime ---la extension del bart hacia san jose toma hoy otro paso importante... take vo jaime ---en el este de la bahia, una junta escolar toma importantes medidas para acabar con la aparente discriminacion hacia ciertos estudiantes... roll open blanca and cesar live jaime --el proyecto para extender el servicio de bart al sur de la baha tom hoy otro paso importante.. take vo estas son las vigas que se utilizarn para el inmenso proyecto de construccin que instalar las vias de los trenes desde fremont hasta san jos.. los trabajadores primero tendrn que ampliar el bulevar mission a seis lineas entre la carretera 880 y warm springs boulevard.. tambin tendrn que construir rampas de entrada y salida porque la avenida warren ser enrutada debajo de las vias del bart. este proyecto conjunto se realiza entre la ciudad de fremont, el condado de alameda, caltrans y el v-t-a. . el colegio comunitario ms grande de
cuw37403, san antonio back up pipeline in the sunol area of alameda county, california, and authorize the general manager to implement the project. >> commissioners, any -- >> commissioners. any >> general manager. >> fine. >> any questions? we have the material in front of us. would you like a presentation? or do i have a motion? >> i will move it. >> it's moved. >> second. >> and seconded. >> any discussion? >> if i may take one second if i may to thank scott mcpherson, the project manager on this. he slugged through this many times and did a great job. vivian chow, the project manager as well is also here. congratulations to both. >> here we have a motion and second. >> any public discussion? seeing none, all in favor. >> aye. >> the item carries. >> item 12, prove the terms and conditions and authorize the general manager to execute a purchase and sales agreement with serving evans street for approximately 4.68 acres for 15 million subject to approval by the board of supervisors and mayer. >> yes, ms. russell. >> good afternoon, welcome general manager and commissioners. my i have
known as unleashed. he went to the ballena isle marina in alameda they are concerned he may be sailing to mexico or thailand he used to live in thailand he mentioned monterey and mexico to friends. the mother understandably is beside herself. >> i'm afraid if they back him into a corner, i don't want him to snap and do something really stupid any more than what he's already done. i'm really worried for my kids, i want them to come back safe and unharmed. >> reporter: the her mother says she was in the process of getting a restraining order against maffei. the boat may have been spotted wednesday 6 p.m. but unable to be located and hasn't been seen since. police are treating this as a child abduction case and they've called in state as well as federal investigators. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> our time is 5:02. developing news from vallejo. police in that city are investigating a murder that claimed the lives of two people. we have a live picture from the scene. a lot of police vehicles out there. officers received a 911 call reporting gunshots after 9:00 last night. when police got
. cate caugurian in alameda with the very latest on this story. >> it has been at least three days since the mother has seen her children and police say they tracked the father to alameda. investigators say that the 43 year-old took the children from their mother's home in south san francisco and drove them here to tell me that. he ditched his rental car and sailed away in a stolen 40 ft. boat. it happened tuesday afternoon. the yacht is named " unleashed " and was last seen near vallejo. now mother is pleading for help. >> at the coast guard and the navy, anyone that has a boat, please look for my children, and bring them back to me. i don't know what he'll do if he is back into a corner. >> here pictures of the two children, the three-year-old brooklyn and two year-old devon. brooklyn was last seen wearing a white sleeveless dress and devon was last seen wearing a sponge bought a t-shirt. we have a picture of the boat, it was called " unleashed ". and as california painted on the stern, you are asked to contact sevastopol is with the information. the mother tells us that seventh disco
trauma en sus vidas >>>la oficina del fiscal de alameda realizaron hoy la recoleccion de medicamentos vencidos zcon este se busca que las personas se deshagan de los remedio de forma segura >>>el gobernante jerry brown >>>quienes se pone >>>por segunda ocasion la autopista permanecera cerrada con fines de trabajo de reparacion habrá un demolicion del puente la autopista será reabierta el lu8hes 5 de octubre >>>la dependecia encargada advirtio de los altos niveles de contaminación >>>adelante estefani hoy la mÁxima estuvo en 66 cuando el promedio es 76 otras temperaturas estuvieron por encima de los 80 >>>la brisa llegando desde el oeste entre 7 millas por hora >>>un poco complicado ya que vemos que continua la alerta de calor excesivo esperamos temperaturas frescas y altas presiones >>>esto en los valles y el exterior se espera calor intenso a mitad de semana >>>esperamos minimas de 53 y 55 en san francisco una tarde muy placentera mantenerse hidratados y protegerse del sol es todo en el tiempo >>>la tempordad de gripe continua por lo que el departamento de salud advierte que l a
was running. he put the kids inside and sped away. police say he then drove alameda, where alameda, where he stole this 40-foot yacht. the police, county officials, the fbi, and the coast guard tracked his open-sea getaway for three days, and last night, just before 8:00, two boats filled with law enforcement and hostage negotiators moved in. >> the suspect expressed that he was remorseful, that he wanted to do anything that he could to assist. >> while their father was taken into custody, the children were reunited with their mother. >> she was exhausted. but happy. >> jennifer has been estranged from her ex-boyfriend for two years. in fact the die her children were taken from her home, she was filing for a restraining order against the suspect. >> ama: in statement released tonight, the children's mother said, i am eternally greatful gl and thankful to the south san francisco and alameda police departments, united states coasu guard, fbi, and the media for their hard work and diligence. she says both kids are doing great. >>> police in pittsburg are piecing together clues in the murder of
responsible for killing a man. these are live pictures from the scene on bartlett avenue in alameda county near haywood. police have been at the scene all night but they're not releasing any details. >> a martina's couple is in police custody suspected of kidnapping and injuring a young woman. of the alleged incident started late friday at their home on court street. the 20 year-old victim reportedly tried to mediate a dispute between them but they allegedly turned on her, took her captive and attacked her. she escaped with facial injuries and stab wounds. >> in berkeley parking enforcement officers are now authorized to cite drivers for illegally using disabled placards to park in spaces that are designated for those who are disabled. until now only the police could do that. we would like to know from you folks, what you think about the crackdown on placard cheaters. comment on facebook port twitter or e-mail >> we're following developing news from southern california, a fire burning in the angeles national forest northeast of l.a.. it is only 5 percent contained this morning. it has burn
? >> reporter: the battalion chief said he will be recovering but will not be working in alameda as a firefighter for a while. he suffered an injury while battling this fire here at the restaurant on east 14th street in san leandro. the fire started around 2:00 a.m. this morning. when alameda firefighters arrived there was heavy smoke and flames coming from a back storage area, now in order to release some of the smoke inside several firefighters went to cut holes and ventilate the smoke. that is when the firefighter hurt himself and he suffered a gash in his calf while using a circular saw, but because of the architecture of this building, it was a challenging fire. >> the saw has something that goes around the outside of it and going into the back room it was difficult and heavy smoke was in the restaurant itself. >> reporter: now the injured firefighter was rushed to the medical center in caster valley where he was treated for his leg and he is recovering. you can see here live owners are cleaning up and they went to assess some of the damage, and the restaurant was not comple
of the alameda when shots rang out. one struck her in the chest. the shots came from down the street on the alameda. police are calling this a senseless death. they are asking for the public's help to track down whoever did this. >> unacceptable. will not rest until this is completed and we have whoever is involved. i want them to come for it. if somebody heard something or knows something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> if you have any information come you can contact metro con stop -- metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a suspect hit a female pedestrian and drove off just before 8:00 p.m. last night. a woman was found hit by a car north of the hickory bypass. the woman was waving her arms and the person in the vehicle swerved to avoid her. the victim is at shock trauma this morning. anyone with information should call maryland state police. police are trying to determine what type of chemical prompted an evacuation. firefighters were called after the owner smelled a strong odor coming from the basement. the bomb squad found some unide
the suspect's car was seen on a marina and alameda. that is one police believe he still the sailboat. early this morning, about 50 mi. off of the coast near half moon bay, the vote was seen again. this is about 50 mi. off of the coast. right now the coast guard is flying over the book. it looks like the suspect is steering back to shore. everyone is open for a peaceful resolution. >>pam: a gruesome scene in vallejo, the bodies of a male and female couple found shot to death in the 1000 block of atherton street. the incident happened after 9:00 p.m. shift last night. police investigators discovered the bodies of two victims. family members did identify them as a 31 year-old and his 28 year old fiance. one neighbor says she heard the shot guns being fired. >> i heard four shots. i concede to german exiting the house. >> i was terrified. i was in utter shock. she pretty much was always thought inside the house. i had seen him up and walking around. >> according to family members the incident is even worth. >> a coastal fog, clear inland in a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. highs will
from south san fransisco, the sailboat was stolen from alameda. but spot and 50 mi. off the san mateo county coast this morning and is now being tracked by a coast guard airplane. linda yee is here with the latest on that search. >> the coast guard stands out san fransisco police detectives have been watching that sailboat and that man, from an airplane. they have made no attempt to contact them, they're afraid for the children that are on board, but there is possible news that they may be able to be rescued in the coming hours. >> the coast guard has been tracking the stolen sailboat all day, in waters 50 mi. off of the harbour in half moon bay. south san fransisco police confirm that the man had been looking for was spotted on the boat along with one of his children. this afternoon the anxious mother of the children got a call from detectives. >> it is still a waiting game, they told me that they have a claim in the air, but they're just watching him and it looks like he is slowly starting to go towards the shore so they're hoping that maybe he will try to refuel, and if they need t
at alameda and sailed away with those children. claudine wong is live in alameda now with the very latest information. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: that yacht 40 feet long and it was at this harbor. we are told that this is actually the slip where this 40- foot yacht was in when it was taken on tuesday. police believe this morning these two children are with their father but they do not know where they are. i want to show you a picture of the father. this is 43-year-old dad that police believe took these children. his name is christopher maffei. the mother of the children told us he came down on tuesday. went to her home in south san francisco and took those kids by force from the grandmother. she was out trying to get a restraining order. let me show you a picture of the two kids. we have two-year-old devin and three-year-old brooklyn. they haven't been seen since they were taken. they believe they are on a yacht named the unleashed which has san francisco california painted on the stern of the yacht. that yacht was last seen at 6:00 p.m. on wednesday and actually up near vallejo
. sailboat stolen from a marina in alameda. linda yee is there with what is known so far. >> the net, this is a very strange but sad case, apparently it all started earlier this week in south san francisco where a father is suspected of kidnapping his children from their mother. apparently the trail ended up here in alameda where he got a give away vessel. it is a 40 ft. sailboat named " the unleashed ". it is empty here at the marina in alameda. the coast guard said south san francisco police asked for their help and a suspected parental abduction. >> a man stole a boat and have his two children on board, it is roughly two years old and four years old. >> the coast guard sent out a bulletin to bay area harbour masters, they chartered a boat for their owner and said that someone saw it still out late tuesday night with no lights on and then it was spotted anchored yesterday on the mare island streets near vallejo. >> the guy that's all it called us this morning and told us that he saw it and he had approached the boat and told the people on board that it had been reported stolen. and
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